Add css Country Flags in Oscommerce Admin PanelAdd css Country Flags in Oscommerce Admin Panel

There are cases that the store owner needs an easy way to see the country of the visitors or customers in osCommerce Admin.
By default there is not this option in osCommerce , so every time you have to click on customers name to open his data and to see the country where is from. Of course you don’t need it if you sell in only one country!

With this small add-on you can see a country flag in osCommerce admin panel

GeoIp for osCommerceGeoIp for osCommerce
Well. There are different opinions for the need of GeoIP. Some people maybe will think that is more like one more useless toy-gadget. Personally I like to have GeoIp in my projects mainly for those reasons :
(1) I can serve the appropriate language according the country – if country language doesn’t exists I go with English
(2) I can use it in who_is_online also to show a google map with markers
(3) It the best solution according my opinion to show estimate shipping costs by country (actually we know the country by GeoIp) so it is not necessary the visitor to be logged in
(4) We have the ability to check for fraud
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